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From our centrally located office in Fairfax, Virginia, Picasso Custom Builders and Luxury Homes proudly serves Clients throughout the Northern Virginia and Greater Washington Metropolitan, DC area. Whether we are in the more Urban areas of Arlington, McLean, DC and Bethesda, to the semi-rural areas of Great Falls, Clifton, Fairfax Station and Potomac and out to Virginia’s Horse Country of Loudoun County, Prince William or Fauquier Counties, Picasso has earned a reputation for building unique luxurious and grand projects and delivering extraordinary Client experiences. We would be truly gratefully to be of assistance to you on your next New Home project in any way we can, please call us to see how we can be of service.






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Consultation and Collaboration

At every appointment, we want to get to know you, your family, your needs and desires. When you meet with the Managing Principal, Patrick M. Kessler and Designers of the Company, we listen, deeply listen to you, deeply explain the "Why Picasso?" philosophy, diving into your "Wish List", target budget and what brought you to Picasso.  We answer questions (lots of them!), tell you about us, our process & benefits and our unique design thoughts and solutions that add and create value for your New Custom Home project. 


As with Picasso, DaVinci, Rembrandt, Matisse and the many famous painters, artists and sculptors, we too try to paint a picture of your New home project in your mind's eye with every meeting and discussion to ensure we are working off the same canvas so that moving forward towards a final product is exactly what you had envisioned.


When you choose to have us design and build your New Custom Home, we enter into a design/retainer Contract agreement.  It is at this stage that Clients showcase their inspiration by providing us; magazines clip-outs, photographs of friends’ homes, internet imagery, social media posts and even drawings of desired features. All of these materials help us develop your budget, a New Home dream starting on the same canvas, the same vision to move forward harmoniously. 

Land and Lot Purchasing Process

Should you need a Lot or Land to build on and in affiliation with Kessler Real Estate Group, LLC a local Land and New Homes Brokerage company, we provide initial and valuable consultation to assist you with choosing the land for your custom home.  Why?  Lot factors such as price, slope, size, width and depth are key components toward determining how your home can be organic designed on your lot and into your overall New Home Budget.  When coupled with your specific Home requests, we will help you achieve both great looks and functionality from the very start.

Architectural and Engineering Design Process

It is during this stage that we work in tandem with you, our design & architectural staff to cooperatively and  collaboratively walk-through each space of your New Home project.  We determine and refine how each room organically fits into the overall flow until it is right for you and within your target budget.


From the Principals to the architects and designer, we specialize in designing a unique, beautiful and functional Home for the way you live.  After thorough discussion with all parties, including a civil and structural engineering firm to ensure overall code compliance, we begin the budgeting and pricing process to determine the overall construction costs.

Interior Design Process

Should the Client wish to secure their own Interior Design professional or wish to have Picasso include this into our services, we prepare designs, details, sizes and layouts on such items as cabinetry, closets, ceilings and doorways on a floor-by-floor basis.  Then, together we’ll create flawless finishing touches to create the ‘dream’ in your dream home.  The value to you is simple: our One Stop Shop approach from Day One guarantees that things go where they should and that they look just the way you want.


This integration of architectural design and interior design is an additional but core service we can provide that few other custom home builders offer.  We encourage these services in an effort to minimize duplication of services, change orders and re-do’s during construction.

Final Design

Here we help you with your final selections, finalize details and designs, estimate and budget your project and develop a timeline from this point forward to handing you the keys to your New Home project. This entire package or architectural, engineering, details, selections and designs, culminate into the Construction Addendum Contract Agreement that we will review, approve and happily endorse together.  Since most of our clients work on a ‘cost-plus’ basis with us, we’re able to pass the savings we negotiate from our Trades people, suppliers and vendors directly to you without mark up, which will save you tens of thousands of dollars - usually between 25% and 45% over the entire project.





The Building Process

Our Construction Principal, Jaime Altamirano will be busy coordinating, managing and scheduling all the details of your New Home project, working with the engineers and architect implement each day's work.  Your project is constantly monitored and secure throughout the entire construction process with a dedicated Site Manager who is responsible for all materials, communication and coordination with various supervisory personnel and available to meet with you daily to answer any questions you may have and give you an update on our progress.


We maintain a clean and orderly site everyday to keep it secure and safe.  And, every day, our Construction Principal, Jaime Altamirano will visit and walk the site to talk with and coordinate sub-contractors and managers.

Occupancy Day

With everything complete, the dream realized, and our New owners eagerly ready to start using their luxury Home, the keys are handed over along with comprehensive home manuals, site plans, and emergency contact details are provided to the Owners.


At our Occupancy Day meeting, we know you are excited to move in, although soon after you move in, we will contact you for feedback from you on how we met and/or exceeded your overall needs and expectations or how we could have done a better job. We strive for "Excellence as a minimum a standard", so your feedback is critical to your satisfaction and helping us maintain our reputation.  Of course, we will be right here for you long after your New Home is completed, readily available to answer future questions or queries along with gratefully accepting new Referrals for New Home Clients, because we feel very blessed that you will be our 'Customer for Life'.

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